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Thursday, November 29th, 2012

January 4, 2013 will be the cut off date for submitting 2012 Remittances to the Treasurer’s Office. They will be accepted and applied to your church if they are also postmarked January 4.

Cokesbury Retail Stores Closing

Monday, November 12th, 2012

November 8, 2012
Dear Cokesbury Customer:
As you are a valued member of the Cokesbury family, I wanted to contact you directly to explain some big changes that are on the horizon for Cokesbury.
It has always been important to us to listen to our customers, and increasingly you have been telling us that you prefer to shop through or through our Cokesbury Call Center. In our most recent survey, only 15 percent of respondents stated that they shop exclusively in one of our local retail stores, and sales data show that 67 percent do not have a Cokesbury store within 50 miles of their home or church.
To assure that we meet your needs through the ways you prefer to shop, we have decided to close our local Cokesbury stores and redirect our focus and resources by enhancing and the Cokesbury Call Center (1-800-672-1789) and by deploying a team of local Cokesbury Sales Representatives who will bring information about our products directly to customers.
Closing our local stores has been a difficult and disappointing decision. Cokesbury stores have been an important and cherished part of our ministry over many decades, but the simple fact is that fewer and fewer individuals rely on stores to shop for the products they need. With this transition, called CokesburyNext, we are making the ways that customers most like to shop even better-faster, more efficient, and more accessible.
CokesburyNext involves the enhancement of four distinct purchasing channels. The Cokesbury Call Center (1-800-672-1789) will be extending its hours to 10 p.m. Eastern Time and increasing staffing to better suit busy customer schedules. will be continuously improved to serve customers and will regularly feature special offers and products. The scale and frequency of Cokesbury’s presence at local conferences and meetings will increase, and Cokesbury will work with church partners to host many of its most popular events. To better serve customers who require personal attention, we will deploy more than 40 Cokesbury Sales Representatives who will bring information about a full complement of products directly to customers at their churches and other ministry settings.
We deeply value our many long-standing relationships with churches, their leaders and members, and we are confident that these changes will make it possible to build on that strong foundation. If you have any questions about CokesburyNext, please visit We look forward to serving you long into the future as a strong and vibrant Cokesbury: Resources for the Christian Journey.
Neil M. Alexander