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Rev. Dr. Jimmy Nunn Endorsed as Candidate for the Episcopacy

Monday, September 28th, 2015

Rev. Dr. Jimmy Nunn Endorsed as Candidate for the Episcopacy. 

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ of the Northwest Texas Annual Conference,

Each Annual Conference in our South Central Jurisdiction may endorse a candidate for the episcopacy and those persons lifted up from each Annual Conference are the persons most likely to be elected by the Jurisdictional Conference as a Bishop.  On behalf of the entire Northwest Texas Annual Conference delegation, it is my joy to share with you that on September 22, 2015 the Northwest Texas Annual Conference delegation unanimously endorsed Rev. Dr. Jimmy Nunn for the episcopacy.  Simply put, we have told all the other Annual Conferences in our Jurisdiction, “We have a guy here in Northwest Texas that ought to be considered for election as a Bishop!”


As most of you know, Jimmy has been elected a Jurisdictional delegate 4 times, a General Conference delegate 3 times and is now leading the Northwest Conference delegation for the second time.  He has served as the Director of Administration and Mission in the Northwest Texas Annual Conference since 2011 and was the Director of Church Development 2009-2011.


Some of the reasons our delegation has endorsed Jimmy as a candidate to be elected Bishop are:

  • He has a humble and authentic faith that points toward a trust in God;

  • He has been a proactive catalyst for innovative and effective ministry to the Latino/Hispanic Community in the NWTX AC;

  • He has built a strong conference staff that equips local churches for effective ministry, especially in the area of communications;

  • He has assumed significant leadership in prioritizing the conference budget that took the NWTX AC from a position of financial vulnerability to financial stability.


It has been 24 years since a person has been lifted up from the Northwest Texas Annual Conference for consideration of election as a Bishop in The United Methodist Church.  The last Bishop elected from the clergy of the Northwest Texas Annual Conference was Bishop O. Eugene Slater at the South-Central Jurisdictional Conference in San Antonio in 1960.   Many capable and faithful ministers have served in our conference over the years, but we believe that Jimmy’s ministry experience in the church in recent years has uniquely prepared him for the challenges of the office of the episcopacy.  At the South Central Jurisdictional Conference that meets July 13-16, 2016 in Wichita, Kansas we will elect three new bishops for our Jurisdiction.


During this important time in the life of The United Methodist Church, we believe that Dr. Jimmy Nunn is the kind of leader that The United Methodist Church needs as a Bishop.  The only downside of this endorsement is the potential loss to the Northwest Texas Annual Conference if Jimmy is elected a bishop.


For one to offer themselves up as an episcopal candidate requires deep faith in Christ and a love for the church.  Jimmy has both.  So let’s surround Jimmy and Mary Nunn in our prayers!


Every Blessing,



Dr. Burt Palmer

Sr. Pastor, Polk Street United Methodist Church
1401 S. Polk St.
Amarillo, TX 79101

Delegates Endorsing Rev. Dr. Jimmy Nunn:

Rev. Rich Jones
Rev. Burt Palmer
Rev. Amy Wilson Feltz
Rev. Richard Edwards
Rev. Stan Cosby
Ron Enns
Randy Stutes
Leia Williams
Jeff Fisher
Murray Murphy
Mark Pitman