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Respond to Hurricane Harvey – Texas Methodist Foundation

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017


The scenes from the ravages of Hurricane Harvey are heartwrenching and frightening. The lives of our neighbors in communities across a wide swath of Texas have experienced umimaginable loss. And the rain and life threatening crisis continue. People are stranded on rooftops, the freeways are impassable, basic needs are unmet.

As a living church, how do we respond? During worship at First UMC Georgetown on Sunday, Laura Hewett Becker, senior pastor at First UMC in Rockport near where Harvey made landfall, said, “We will be bold in saying what it is we need.” When addressing TMF staff on Monday morning, Tom Locke, TMF president, said, “I want us to be bold in responding to these needs.”

As an initial response toward addressing the acute needs resulting from this disaster, TMF has donated $200,000 to disaster relief efforts – $100,000 each to the Rio Texas Conference and the Texas Conference. We thank all of our partners in ministry who have made it possible for us to respond boldly to this crisis, and we encourage others to also be bold in responding.

To make it as easy as possible to respond, TMF has set up two funds to be used to help those affected by the hurricane in the Rio Texas and Texas conferences. Click here to donate to one or both of those funds.

We are hurting and afraid for our neighbors, but we must move beyond despair and fear and become the hands that enact life-giving change. This spirit of united purpose can be an agent of healing and hope, and the church must lead the way.

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