Fritch Fire Relief Funds held at Amarillo District Office

            A plan is coming together for long-term assistance and solutions to those affected by the Double Diamond fire near Fritch.  This plan will be announced at annual conference, a plan that will probably include the building of one or more houses, the purchase of building materials for the building of homes, the sending in of volunteer work teams from the Amarillo District and from throughout the NWTX Conference to be in mission and to assist in the construction of the houses, and/or the utilization of expertise in the construction of houses from members and friends of churches in the District and Conference. 

            After a meeting held at FUMC in Fritch on Friday, May 30, at which were the pastor and representatives of an Amarillo District Church, Jerry Don Cheshire, pastor of FUMC – Fritch, a representative of the community of Fritch, and me, the United Methodists gathered feel that this is the best plan of action for the District and the Conference to support some of the families affected by the fire with a gift of a house that will become their home.  A tour of the area on Friday also revealed that a lot of the cleanup work, at least on a large scale, has been completed.  As of last Friday, we are also connected to the overall relief efforts occurring in the area and being coordinated and headed up by the Hutchinson County United Way and the Amarillo Area Foundation. 

            So, in light of the this plan, which will be announced at annual conference, please reserve the funds that your churches may have been raising and preparing to send to the First Assembly of God Disaster Relief Fund, a fund for more short-term assistance, so that the churches in the District and Conference might more fully join in this opportunity to provide new homes for those affected by the fire

            More information will follow after annual conference as the plan is finalized.  Until then, please be in prayer for the announcement and challenge that will be made at annual conference.  And please also continue to be in prayer for those affected by the fire, some of our prayers having already been answered as the short-term needs are being met and a great majority of the initial cleanup work has been completed

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